#LDN Silver

#LDN Silver

The VICI London range is elegant and minimalist, designed with the sophisticated gentleman in mind. The perfect accessory for a smart look - with a clean white face, covered with sapphire crystal and set within a clean stainless steel shell, finished in silver, gold or rose-gold, the London watch is perfect in its simplicity. The silver and gold cases are complimented by a deep contrasting black leather strap – accentuating the clean design, whilst the rose-gold case is coupled with a rich elegant brown leather strap which highlights the white finish of the face. The face of the watch is beautifully uninterrupted – with clean,  unmarked graduations on the bezel, and lack of cluttered read-outs on the face itself, the defining trait of the London range is its stunning simplicity. The truly defined London range takes inspiration from the capital’s sophistication and heritage – the perfect watch to make a great impression, from boardroom to bar. 

When to wear it:

The VICI London was constructed to be clean, simple and classical in its design. The London range is your perfect accessory for smart style – be that at the office, dinner or drinks, work function or evening out. The thin profile of the watch ensures that the casing tucks neatly underneath your shirt cuff or sleeve when your arms are by your waist – this avoids bunching up of your shirt or jacket around the elbows as can be a problem with many large or bulky watch cases. The crisp white face, coupled with the elegant silver, gold or rose-gold finish makes a subtle statement without being overbearing. Because of the classical style of the watch, the London range is also perfectly suited to the most important meetings and black-tie events. 

What to wear it with:

The VICI London is designed as a dress watch and so is best accompanied with a smart shirt and a suit. The London range is also versatile enough to blend in on a dress-down Friday – couple with a nice Oxford or Polo shirt, or if it’s cooler, blend with a jumper over-layer. One thing to remember is to match your leathers: the VICI London Rose Gold works best with a pair of brown shoes or belt, whilst the VICI London Gold and Silver goes best with black shoes. The range of case-colour combinations has been designed to suit a variety of outfit colours - silvers and vibrant blues marry together perfectly for a smart look, whereas navy or bolder reds work excellent with a gold accent.

Leather marries well with smart attire because it matches your shoes and belt which will also most likely be leather. Metal-strapped watches break this rule through their more rugged appearance and the shiny and more noticeable material of metal is also rather unsubtle - furthermore, the design of many metal straps is extremely complex, with many breaks required in the connecting lines of the strap which create a mass of asymmetry – a clear contradiction to the rules of dressing smart. Hence - the London range was designed with elegance and simplicity in mind.

Tips to maximise the impact of your London watch:

A common mistake with many men is to overload their arm with accessories. Too often will men wear a horde of bracelets, rings or a large and cumbersome watch. This is particularly noticeable when attempting to dress smart, as a sophisticated look is never married well with a cluttered appearance. When dressing smart, the VICI London is the perfect accompaniment as a timepiece – but, when going for that smart look remember that simplicity is the key. Avoid wearing too much jewellery – keep it simple and at the most, couple with a single bracelet (and wedding ring if you have one!).