10 ways to up your steps

10 ways to up your steps

A lot of people out there are trying to up their steps. Ever since 1960’s Japan where the suggestion for 10,000 steps came about, people have been strapping on pedometers and stomping around to try and hit their goals.

Here at VICI Life we like to get competitive with each other on who can get the most steps each month, here are our top tips for leaving everyone else in your dust:

Keep track of how much you walk
It is important to know how you are doing. You can use your phone to keep track of how much you are doing each day and we recommend using an app like Sweatcoin that rewards you for all of your hard work.

Talk to people face-to-face
It is very easy to hide behind your phone or email nowadays whether it’s talking to people at work or just your friends. Get around and chat to people face to face, you will earn steps, get more out of people, and maybe even make some new friends!

Walk instead of drive
Do you even care about the environment!? If you can walk somewhere you should. You will be helping to save the planet, saving cost, getting a wellbeing boost from the exercise and getting steps towards that all important count.

Develop a fear of lifts and escalators
They aren’t a convenient helpful way to cart your body upstairs they are the devil! Or that is what you need to persuade yourself anyway. Stairs are a great way of getting some exercise and steps at the same time. Lets just hope you don’t live on the 50th floor…

Use public transportation

If you have the chance you should use public transport. This will save you money and help the planet. The bus won’t drop you off directly outside the dentist, but that is great because that is steps in the bank!

Walk your/someone else’s pet
Do you love dogs? Well if you don’t you should – they are great! Walking your pets or even someone else’s is a great enjoyable way to earn some steps and if it earns you some brownie points with a relative and lovely doggo then even better!

Park further away
Everyone is tempted to park right outside the front of the shop you’re visiting but
that won’t help you steps. Try parking at the other end of the car park – you’ll get
some steps and probably get two spaces to yourself. Just make sure you look both ways when you’re crossing the road.

Don’t use a remote – when were they released?
TV was around for a decade before the remote control came into existence. Take it back to the old school and ditch yours. Not only will you will get a few extra steps in, but you may find that you enjoy watching one programme more than continuously flicking between all 1,000 channels!

Get away from work at your lunchbreak
Even if you bring a lunch in to work make sure that you get out and go for a walk at lunch. It’s a great chance to get some steps and fresh air before you are chained to your desk for the afternoon!

Break it down into morning afternoon evening

If you find that you are still struggling to hit your target then break down you goal
into smaller chunks. Then you will see when it is you are working hard walking and when you are slobbing around and can adjust accordingly.

But most importantly enjoy your walking. Not only are their health benefits but you will feel happier to when doing more exercise so stop delaying and just get out there.