Matching your watch to your look

Matching your watch to your look

Buying a watch can be a big decision. Most people wear the same watch for years. Given the level of commitment people make to their watches, it is worth putting some thought into it before you pull the trigger on buying a new one. See six tips for buying a watch below:

When will you be wearing your watch?

A watch is just like any other accessory or item of clothing and should be suited to the occasion of the day. Think about when you plan on wearing your watch and go for an appropriate style. If you are looking for a watch to wear to work then a simpler classic style like the VICI London is perfect, but if you are looking for something a bit more casual then something with a chronograph like a VICI Sydney may work better.

Think about your style

Everyone has their own unique style and it makes sense to match your watch to your style. If you were born in a pair of Chelsea boots then maybe a classic dress watch like the VICI London would work for you but if you would rather be wearing some Yeezys then something edgier like a VICI New York sounds more your thing.

Build a collection

It is important to have a collection of watches for different looks and occasions. You wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes everyday so please don’t wear the same watch every day. Having a small collection of watches will revolutionise your look when you have the flexibility to choose the watch that matches your outfit.

Don’t mix metals

If you already wear gold or silver, we would recommend going for the same metal with your watch. That way your accessories will match beautifully.

Match your leathers

When choosing the colour of a leather strap you should think about the colour of the other accessories, specifically the shoes that you will be wearing it with. If you wear brown leather shoes, then a brown strap will go perfectly. 

The least important thing a watch does is tell the time

In this day and age with smartphones and ipads, no one actually needs a watch to tell the time. A watch is an accessory that enhances your outfit and showcases your style, so make sure you keep that front and foremost in mind when watch shopping.