#SYD Silver

#SYD Silver

When to wear it:

The VICI Sydney is designed to stand out – a real show stopper. Whilst the VICI Sydney was designed to be eye-catching and with a more casual appearance, the design also incorporates classic functionality with its two high-and-low set chronograph dials and date function. The Sydney range is styled more towards the diving and sport watch designs, where the functionality and more casual appearance of the Sydney range makes it best worn at weekends, on holidays, or when playing sport – that said, we love the diversity of the range which is offered through the choice of leather and Milanese strap combinations, In any case, you will be sure to make an unforgettable impression with the Sydney range.

What to wear it with:

When selecting the finish of your watch, the most important thing to consider is your personal style. For a more relaxed look or if playing sport, the stainless steel Milanese straps marry well with casual style – in the same way that the ‘smart’ end of the watch spectrum focuses on simplicity and uses leather to create an elegant look, the Milanese strap options maximise your Sydney’s impact and make it stand out. Metal straps have always been regarded as more casual in appearance, so they fit perfectly with the Sydney Silver and Sydney Gold, to complete your casual outfit.

The brown leather strap and Rose Gold case was designed to expand the diversity of the Sydney range. The Sydney Rose Gold is balanced watch – perfect for a casual look but also for those who want a summer work look or who want to dress ‘business casual’ – to achieve this look, we recommend pairing the striking blue face with our brown leather strap. The elegant blue face couples perfectly with a blue-toned smart summer outfit – wear a heavy cotton blue shirt and match with brown leather shoes and belt to inject some style into your summer work look​. 

Tips to maximise the impact of your Sydney watch:

1)     Gold watches are best-suited to outfits which bear earthy tones, whereas grey, blue or black outfits will make a silver watch pop with presence. To get the most out of your Sydney watch, select a tone which best suits your personal style in terms of the colours you wear – and if you wear a diverse range of colours, don’t be afraid to invest in a diverse watch range to compliment it.

2)     Metal compliments metal – the metal case of your watch should complement the metal accents of your other accessories. If you wear gold jewellery, pair it with a gold or rose-gold Sydney. If you prefer silver jewellery, the silver Sydney is the perfect choice.