The VICI Story

VICI’s mission is to change the mindset of men from wearing the same watch every day to wearing a watch tailored for the occasion. We encourage our customers to think of a watch not as one item, but as part of a collection, so you can make the best impression at all times.
We have created three unique and different lifestyle ranges, inspired by the world’s iconic cities, fashioned to allow an effortless transition between smart and casual, day and night, week and weekend – for any occasion you find yourself in.VICI, the Latin for ‘conquered’, encompasses our brand: who we are and who we want to be.
At VICI we want you to achieve your goals – that is why whenever you look at your watch we want you to be inspired to conquer your goals. We're so confident of our product and brand, that if you don't like your VICI after 90 days, we'll give you a refund no questions asked. If you get bored of the look, fancy something different, or simply don't like your VICI anymore, we'll send a courier to pick up your watch.
We'll then donate the watch to a local charity or recycle it. Either way you'll get your money back 100 per cent.